Internal Analysis

Ship Registry (which is where the money comes from), is an extremely competitive business. For any registry and its Marine Administration to be successful the managers have to know what is happening with their customers.

Directing your marketing budget effectively, detecting early signs of customer dissatisfaction, seeing new opportunities, understanding costs and revenue, are all key parts of running a successful business. Vessel HQ can be a key partner for managers in making the decisions that grow a successful registry.

Learn How Vessel HQ enables Internal Analysis

Internal Analysis and Vessel HQ

Understanding the Market

Every ship registry has a spread of customers with a range of ship types. Understanding where the majority of customers are from, which ones are moving away and where new ones are coming from, are all key determinants in measuring where the business needs to direct its marketing efforts. Directed efforts are vastly more productive than an overall approach. Vessel HQ will allow you to see these trends and make better decisions.

Understanding Costs

The revenue for any ship register comes largely from registry fees. Scales of fees are devised often based on ship size. To design an attractive scale of fees which also brings in enough money requires detailed analysis of the fleet size, breakdown by vessel type, by size and by ship age. All these factors are available from Vessel HQ.

Understanding Your Customers

Vessels change flag for many reasons. Often they are business decisions outside the control of the flag state, other times they are signs of problems. Vessel HQ allows the reason for any ship leaving the registry to be recorded, and an analysis of the reasons why deleted ships have moved can give a clear idea of customer satisfaction for your ISO system, as well as providing a vital clue to actions that might be needed to reduce losses.

Understanding Your Productivity

Vessel HQ's reporting abilities will allow you to see, at any time, the numbers of transactions, documents issued and seafarer documents being processed, and analyse the rate of production at any time, giving you valuable insights into staff productivity and even the need for additional staff resources.

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