ISO9001:2008 for Marine Administrations

The VIMSAS audit experience and the guidelines for mandatory audits under the III Code make it very clear that Marine Administrations are expected to have a Quality Management System in place. The most commonly used standard is the ISO 9001:2008 standard which fits well with the nature of a Marine Administration.

For most administrations, the nature of the wording in the ISO standard when it refers to the "product" causes confusion. But once it is realised that the "product" is safe ships and qualified seafarers, then the fit with the ISO standard is clear. The ISO standard requires a system that makes use of a number of data elements to measure performance and to assess continuous improvement.

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ISO9001:2008 and Vessel HQ

Inputs to the management review include:

(1) Process performance and product conformity
(2) Status of preventative and corrective actions.

The two items above are essentially measures of how well the process is working and how well the product - (safe ships) conforms to the quality standards. To measure these, the management review needs good data and Vessel HQ is the perfect tool to easily provide data and statistics that make meaningful inputs to the management review process possible.


The report generator module effortlessly provides reports against any chosen timeframe showing detention statistics, accidents, casualties, violations and more. These can then be further refined to show breakdowns of data by type, by manager, and more while the custom report generator allows users to create and save custom queries providing statistics in any manner desired.

Input to Management Review

The inputs to management reviews are one of the things that are hardest to achieve in a meaningful way for an ISO Quality Management System as applied to a marine administration. Vessel HQ makes it easy and provides a set of inputs that will easily satisfy the ISO audit process.

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